Worried about transportation? Take VORRI for luxury travel

London, the capital of England and the united kingdom, is a 21st-century city with a history stretching back to Roman times. This city is a center of tourism and business in Western Europe.

London is a city in constant motion and community here is a bit of a headache. Public transport is like a maze hers, it’s pretty daunting unless you are used to it. So, opting public transport in this mega polis is not a great option, especially when you are attending an appointment or meeting neither is your own vehicles as you are bound to stuck in traffic or find a suitable place for parking.

London is an expensive place to live in. so, it’s not a surprise to see people busy most of the time and it’s vivid that people prefer to live closer to their workplace as they can get more time to rest. And it’s really daunting to move house or reallocate your offices.

Therefore, there has been a huge market for cab companies and delivery companies to flourish in this megacity. But it is very hard to find cab & delivery service this is reliable, honest and articulate. It’s almost like finding a needle in a hay stack, the only handful of companies offer that reliable and articulate service to their client and VORRI is one of them. Our motto is simple ‘No Worry Ride VORRI’ but encompasses a soothing message to the customers to stop being worried and lures them to embark on a smooth and jovial ride to the desired destination with VORRI.


With the advent of the internet in the early 90s, there have been enormous changes in the way people communicate. And now people are obsessed with using their smartphone for pretty much everything from online shopping, booking hotels & vacations to online banking just to mention few of them. So, taking this into consideration VORRI has evolved with an ON DEMAND CAB AND DELIVERY SERVICE all across London which is easily accessible on the computer and smartphones (Iphones&Andorids).

You can book a cab or delivery van anytime and anywhere across London with just a few taps and few clicks on your smartphone and computer. You will just need to sign up for the first time to create VORRI account and after that, you can have access to our amazing and impeccable services across London. Our VORRI webpage and app provides a plethora of services from normal commute to luxury commute across London, or delivery services. With our app, you can book our services no just for immediate but also for future, who wants to stay away from that last minute hassle. And the better part is that you will be able to track your service in real time and also get estimated price for your journey, which is pretty nifty to know if the service is within your budget or not.

With flexible cabs ranging from ECO, VORRIX, VORRIXL, LUX, and DELV.VORRI can provide you with the best transportation and travelling option in this beautiful and hectic city. Furthermore, you don’t have to carry cash with you all the time as you can pay by debit or credit cards and there are no any hidden charges or surcharge for that.



We basically offer two services across London, passenger service, and delivery service. There is high demand for both services in London city and to meet those high volumes of demands there are thousands of cab & delivery service providers all over London. But there are only a few providers who focus on the quality of service they render and we are one of them who cater the need of our customers to the utmost priority.


There is a high influx of people from all around the world to this historic, beautiful and business capital every sing day. Some people come here for holiday, while other for business. No matter for what you come to London, VORRI passenger service provides transport service at the time and place of your convenience and also of your choice of vehicle from ECO, VORRIX, VORRIXL, and LUX depending of your need.


Discover the best shopping in London with our VORRI transport service. Whether you are looking for designer clothing, fun souvenirs or the perfect gift, there is a wealth of London shopping to enjoy. One day you could be browsing London markets for unique items, antiques, and specialist food; the next you could be exploring famous London department stores for the latest fashion and home wares, or enjoying retail therapy under one roof in the top shopping centers in London. VORRI is always there just a few taps away on your smartphones to make your shopping spirit sway. After a tiring shopping spree with your both hands full of bags, you would definitely love to go home and relax. VORRI on-demand cab service comes into action, you will just need to tap on the vehicle type you are interested in and the desired vehicle will be with you within the estimated time frame, whilst you will be able to track the vehicle in real time to know whereabouts of the vehicle.



Whether you are planning for a night out with your friends, attending a wedding party or an event, you can book your ride with VORRI instantly as per your group size and budget. Besides that, you also pre-book your ride for your future events so that you won’t have to panic at the last minute. VORRI accommodates for any sort of events with a wide range of vehicle selections ECO, VORRIX, VORRIXL, and LUX to suit your requirements.



London is business capital of Western Europe, where businessmen from all around the world come to meet each other to flourish their business and increase their market share. With VORRI you will never be late for any meeting or events. Professions and office goers can opt for our VORRI App to get a pick up from anywhere in London and get to their destination safely. All women professionals can rely on VORRI when they need to head home after a long night shift. We provide a very safe and convenient transport service to each and every rider without compromising your safely and comfort. Also, thanks to our LUX range of vehicles, hotshot CEOs and Entrepreneurs can easily access our fleet of a luxury car using our VORRI app. You can travel with class and elegance with VORRI.



London is one of the busiest cities in the world, thanks to its well-connected international airports within the vicinity of London city. Every minute flights land and take off from this city, so we can imagine how hectic and daunting task it would be for airport pickups and drop offs. With VORRI airport pickups and drop offs have become a breeze. Just choose your suitable vehicle and time we will get you to the Airport on time safely. And for those who are arriving in London can pre-book their cab service from our VORRI website or app. So, you will not have to wait once you are out of arrival gate.  We will get your cab ready just in time so that you can head to your destination straightaway.


Family time/Outing

Looking forward to spending a fruitful day with your family in London? Want to take them to different places of attractions across London? Then make VORRI your new family member. Use VORRI to roam around with you family and explore the ancient and historic sites of London. Check out the London Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral and much more other attractions in comfort of your own personal cab from VORRI. We will help and guide your family to travel together across London so, no need to rely on the London bus and tube.



Moving house or offices in this city is a daunting task and to make your life easier VORRI have initiate the delivery van service which you can have access from our webpage booking or app. Tired of black taxis rejecting you because you have a package or goods in your hands? Not anymore! With VORRI, you can take your baggage or goods along with yourself to your destination without any problem, just select the type of baggage or additional luggage you will be carrying on the app and you will be heading on your way to your destination carefree. The app allows you to book a VORRI delivery cab or van called DELV so that your scheduled van or car can come, collect and deliver any parcel anywhere in London.  With the DELV service, users can select pickup and drop off of any parcel and consignment with our fleet of delivery vans and cars. We endeavor to bring convenience and benefits to your businesses.

VORRI is currently only available in the city of London but we have planned to extend our service to other cities as well. So if our service is not yet available in your city, please have patience our service will be available to your city soon.